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Application for Cypress Hills Residency

Oil painting by Tania Nault of the flowers reflected in Loch Leven, Cypress Hills.

Tania Nault, Reflections on Loch Leven. Oil on canvas, 9 x 12 inches.












I just mailed my application for an Art in the Parks 2017 Residency at Cypress Hills InterProvincial Park this summer!

In August last summer, my husband and I went to the Cypress Hills for the annual Saskatchewan Summer Star Party and during the day I went out to paint en plein air in the Park. I would love the opportunity to spend a dedicated block of time painting in the Park, so wish me luck!

Note to Self

Tania Nault, Plein air painting at Loch Leven.

Tania Nault, Plein air painting at Loch Leven. Oil on canvas, 9 x 12 inches.



Remember to carry your artist business cards with you at all times. You know, just in case Premier Brad Wall and his wife, Tami, walk by as you’re painting and admire your work (!!!).

Sunset Over Bald Butte

Oil painting by Tania Nault of the sunset over Bald Butte, Cypress Hills.

Tania Nault, Sunset Over Bald Butte. Oil on panel, 6 x 12 inches.









I’m in Cypress Hills Interprovincial Park this week for the Saskatchewan Summer Star Party. On Tuesday, I decided to head out in the morning across the Gap Drive over to the West Block and on my way back stopped at both Bald Butte and Lookout Point. It was late afternoon by the time I hit Lookout Point, so I decided to set up and paint en plein air. I painted one “afternoon view” and then, when the light started to change towards sunset, set up to paint the second painting you see above.

The Point is a popular place to watch the sunset and I had several people stop to take a look and ask questions as I painted. I find that when the work is going well, as it was yesterday, it’s a lot easier to talk to people as I paint 🙂

The painting is on canvas (I usually paint on panel) that I had primed with Winsor & Newton’s oil painting primer (I usually paint on acrylic gesso). It took a bit to get used to how the paint went down on the slicker surface, but I must say I prefer how the oil paint looks on the oil primed surface.