Day 8 of 30 Corona

Oil painting by Tania Nault of her impression of a visual aura during an ocular migraine.

Corona. Oil on panel 6 x 6 inches. © 2017, Tania Nault.



Today I experienced my second ocular migraine. I had one about two weeks ago, but didn’t know that is what I had experienced: We had spent the morning and early afternoon cutting down dead trees in the back yard and I thought I had simply overexerted myself. This one, however, occurred while I was at work and lasted long enough for me to wonder if I was going blind or having a stroke. The experience was at once frightening, because I didn’t understand what was happening, and fascinating because the colours, pattern, and movement of the aura was almost as though I was somehow looking through a kaleidoscope from inside my own eye.  I called the optometrist, who wanted to see me immediately, and after some tests the doctor said he was sure it was an ocular migraine.

I don’t consider this painting a piece of art, it’s not really even a good painting (if I were to do it again, I’d use acrylics, a protractor, and tape to make sure the edges were clean and crystalline) but my work is largely comprised of trying to capture moments and this was definitely a moment.



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