Day 6 of 30 September Sunset

Oil painting by Tania Nault of a sunset.

September Sunset. Oil on panel 8 x 6 inches. © 2017, Tania Nault.











I haven’t always painted. In university I was a drawing major/printmaking minor, and up until several years ago I worked exclusively in scratchboard. When I started to paint I couldn’t make sense of what to do with the light grounds – the canvas was just so white! Toned grounds were somewhat better, but still a challenge, I just couldn’t judge the values accurately. I decided to try painting on very dark or black grounds and, suddenly, I could paint – making art made sense again. So, on occasion, I set up a panel with a dark ground out of my stash and the painting fairly walks off my brush. Sometimes, we just need to set ourselves up for a win.

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