My Theme for the 30 Paintings in 30 Days Challenge

Oil painting by Tania Nault of a sunset over the prairies in winter.

Winter Sunset. Oil on panel 14 x 7 inches. © 2017, Tania Nault.






Several years ago, when I participated in my first month-long painting challenge, I prepared panels, supplies, and my schedule. But it never occurred to me to select my subject matter in advance, and each day I wasted precious time wondering what I would paint next. Not wanting to repeat that mistake I have been searching for a theme for this challenge, which starts tomorrow, and I finally have it: “30 miles”. I will limit myself to subject matter from within a 30-mile radius of our home in Vibank.  So there we have it:

  • 30 days in September
  • 30 paintings
  • using only supplies I already have in my studio
  • theme: inspired by anything within 30 miles of home

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