The Arts Entrepreneur Course has Ended

My Arts Entrepreneur & Business Development Certificate!

My Arts Entrepreneur & Business Development Certificate!

Today was the last day of the 2015-2016 Arts Entrepreneurship and Business Development Course* in Regina. The course was one of the most informative, insightful, and productive experiences of my life. I expected the course to be full of information about business goals and plans, marketing, financial management, grant writing, legal issues, and resources for entrepreneurs in the arts – and it was – but what I didn’t expect was to have the course turn into a process of personal and creative self (re)discovery.

I had originally planned to blog after each workshop date, but the homework kept me very busy between sessions! Which turns out not to have been such a bad thing: We have one last personal coaching session next week and, in preparation for that, I will write a series of blog posts as a way to reflect on my experience:

  1. The application process and pre-workshop activities
  2. Day 1: Entrepreneurial self-assessment, goal-setting, business model canvas
    Day 2: Business model analysis, telling your story
  3. Homework: Business model refinement and experimentation
  4. First coaching session
  5. Day 3: Marketing presentation, marketing strategies and tools
    Day 4: Actions plans, financial responsibilities, accounting presentation
  6. Homework
  7. Second coaching session
  8. Day 5: Marketing & finance presentation and artist presentation
    Day 6: Grant writing presentation, legal presentation, wrap up
  9. Final coaching session

*Please note: The Arts Entrepreneurship and Business Development Course was offered by two provincial programs that are in a media blackout (including “goodwill marketing”) until after the Saskatchewan provincial election (on April 4th), therefore I can’t include the names of the organizations or facilitators at this time. However, after the provincial election is over I will edit this and the other AEBDC posts to include this information.

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