About Me

Tania Nault, Artist. (Photograph courtesy of Kevin Gates, copyright 2011.)

My appreciation for art began at an early age as I drew the various domestic and wild animals living on my parent’s farm in rural Saskatchewan. But it wasn’t until I took art classes in high school that I realized art could be something more than an amusing pastime. Following high school, I attended the University of Regina, where I studied Drawing and Printmaking. I graduated… in 1993 with both a Bachelor of Fine Arts and a Bachelor of Arts in Art History.

Scratchboard: Although I’ve worked in a variety of mediums, I fell in love with scratchboard during a workshop in 1999. The precision and detail of scratchboard allows me to discover and explore that world with enticing realism. When I draw it’s as though I’m not just looking, but really seeing my subject for the first time. I seek to create the same feelings of discovery and exploration in my work.

Acrylics: More recently, I’ve also begun to explore the colourful world of acrylics. What I thought would be simple exercise to create more believable backgrounds for my wildlife art and become more comfortable with colour has turned into a passion in its own right. My landscapes are completed on site “en plein air” (French for “in the open air”) and my still life paintings are painted from my own arrangements. Each painting I create is a result of a personal and direct experience with the world around me.

If you’re interested in anything you see on this blog, please drop me a line: tania@tanianault.ca I’d love to hear from you!