Looking Forward to 2015

I’m looking forward to 2015 as a year of renewed commitment to my art and have been on the lookout for “productivity hacks” –┬ásomething that would help me:
– define my goals
– manage my to-do-lists
– make and keep deadlines
– be more accountable to my creative life
And I think I’ve found it! The Passion Planner is “the one place for all your thoughts”. View the video here:

About Tania

I'm an artist, specifically a wildlife artist. And how exactly does one know she is an artist, specifically a wildlife artist? Well, only artists get excited about new art supplies, "Mmm, unmarked claybord..." or discovering a new satin sheen spray varnish *sigh* And only a wildlife artist gets distracted during a very serious conversation with her exceptionally supportive spouse by a fledgling sparrow taking it's first shaky flight across the yard.
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