New Scratchboard: Eye of the Tiger, WIP

Eye of the Tiger, work in progress. Scratchboard, 7 x 5 in. © 2012, Tania Nault.

This work in progress is the first of five pieces planned for the Reflections of Nature 2012 wildlife art show this fall in Saskatoon. This tiger is a work in progress because she’s going to be in full colour when complete (the first layer went on last night).

My scratchboard technique is very deliberate, detailed, and pre-planned; particularly when compared to my painting technique, which is much more intuitive, loose, and spontaneous. When I work in scratchboard I feel as though I’ve gained an intimate knowledge of my subject because I’ve carefully observed and rendered every whisker, feather, or scale – like I’ve actually touched the animal while I worked. When I paint, however, I feel like I’ve captured only a brief glance of my subject because I’ve tried to work quickly to capture colour and light before the scene changes – like I’ve taken a Polaroid snapshot. 

The differences in the two process are interesting to me as an artist: Perhaps this is why when I work in scratchboard it’s very easy to see each piece as separate and distinct, while when I paint I want to explore the same subject over and over again, for example as with my series of paintings of Smith Point?

Reference photo courtesy Scott Liddell (“hotblack” on


About Tania

I'm an artist, specifically a wildlife artist. And how exactly does one know she is an artist, specifically a wildlife artist? Well, only artists get excited about new art supplies, "Mmm, unmarked claybord..." or discovering a new satin sheen spray varnish *sigh* And only a wildlife artist gets distracted during a very serious conversation with her exceptionally supportive spouse by a fledgling sparrow taking it's first shaky flight across the yard.
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