Tomatoes on Blue

Tomatoes on Blue. Acrylic on panel, 8 x 6 in. © 2012, Tania Nault.

Just what is it exactly about tomatoes on the vine that makes them so delicious? So unlike those giant, pale tomatoes you see for sale in your grocer’s produce section?

Well, according to Dr Harry Klee, professor in the Horticultural Science Department at the University of Florida, it’s a complex blend of sugars, acids, and a wide variety of volatile flavour compounds. Mass-produced tomatoes, unlike heirloom tomatoes, have been bred to be large, fast-maturing, and firm (to withstand being harvested by machines). What these tomatoes actually taste like hardly enters into the equation. And Dr Klee is hoping to change all that by isolating those compounds that make heirloom tomatoes so tasty and re-introducing these compounds into mass-produced tomatoes. 

If it results in tastier subject matter, I’m all for it!

About Tania

I'm an artist, specifically a wildlife artist. And how exactly does one know she is an artist, specifically a wildlife artist? Well, only artists get excited about new art supplies, "Mmm, unmarked claybord..." or discovering a new satin sheen spray varnish *sigh* And only a wildlife artist gets distracted during a very serious conversation with her exceptionally supportive spouse by a fledgling sparrow taking it's first shaky flight across the yard.
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