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Shiver: Grey Wolf. Scratchboard, 20 x 16 in. Copyright Tania Nault, 2008.

Shiver: Grey Wolf. Scratchboard, 20 x 16 in. Copyright Tania Nault, 2008.

So, Maggie Stiefvater, New York Times best selling author and future Queen of America has posted a new contest on her blog, Words on Words.  And her contest seems tailor-made for a scratchboard piece I made some time ago that was inspired in part by the working title of her as yet unreleased book, “Still Wolf Watching” and a photo I took of my dog Mack.  Of course, “Still Wolf Watching” would become the first book, Shiver, in the wildly popular Wolves of Mercy Falls series. Linger, second book in the series was released in July 2010, and the third and final book, Forever, is scheduled for release this summer (squee!).

In my original post about this piece, I talked about how quirky twists can become the inspiration for art – and I believe this to be true of both visual and literary artists. Because Maggie enjoyed a brief, but very successful, life as a visula artist prior to her successes as an author I think this influenced her visually rich prose, as evidenced by these lines from Shiver:

I saw him again after that, always in the cold. He stood at the edge of the woods in our backyard, his yellow eyes steady on me as I filled the bird feeder or took out the trash, but he never came close. In the time between day and night, a time that lasted forever in the long Minnesota winter, I would cling to the frozen tire swing until I felt his gaze.

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I'm an artist, specifically a wildlife artist. And how exactly does one know she is an artist, specifically a wildlife artist? Well, only artists get excited about new art supplies, "Mmm, unmarked claybord..." or discovering a new satin sheen spray varnish *sigh* And only a wildlife artist gets distracted during a very serious conversation with her exceptionally supportive spouse by a fledgling sparrow taking it's first shaky flight across the yard.
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